Super self heating belt patch factory

Super self heating belt patch

Good product recommendations:
From the ISO 13485 factory, constant temperature and long-lasting, super hot waist warmers to relieve back pain.

Extra long heating time, 20+ hours
Long lasting constant temperature, can be used against the skin
Effective warmth and relief of lower back pain

  • ISO13485 certified factory
  • CE FDA certified heating products
  • Specializing in the development and production of heating products for 20 years

High standard of production, medical grade raw materials. Free to customise the heating time and temperature level. Precise temperature control technology, constant temperature heating technology. Professional self-heating product manufacturer providing customised processing services for major brands worldwide

  • Long shelf life, 3 years of unchanged quality
  • Different customised solutions to meet customer needs
  • One-to-one customer follow-up service
  • Hassle-free global logistics service

Expertise comes from technology, constantly updated heating technology, better products long ago. The leader in self-heating products, Feel free to get a free sample: