About US

Established in 2006, professional production of self-heating products in China factory, with many well-known brands. More than ten years of production experience, only high quality heat generating products. The factory has passed CE, FDA, ISO13485, BSCI certifications and various tests, and passed the factory inspection of many large brands.

The first factory to produce the steam heating eye mask
The best factory to produce the steam heating eye mask
The latest production technology, heating technology guarantee the continuous stability of product quality
The best raw materials, medical grade can be used in direct contact with the skin
Service more than 50 brands around the world, to provide customized processing services. Distribution in eye health care, beauty makeup, daily use, cosmetics and other industries.

What I can do for you

24-hour consulting service, contact our professional overseas sales immediately
1. Provide design base board for your design
2. Communicate specific customization details
3. Customize the solution according to your needs
4. Maximize the sample production according to your plan
5. Make the final optimized quotation
6. customer follow-up and after-sales service


As a professional manufacturer of customized heating products, we specialize in customizing various sizes of self-heating products and provide customized and fancy services for all types, sizes and styles on the basis of ensuring product stability.
1. Customized processing services
2. Design service
3. Free prototype service
4. product testing service
4. Home delivery service
5. 24-hour customer service
6. One-to-one customer follow-up service
7. Market analysis and planning service

Certificates OF Self Heating Pads Patches